About Us

The Montgomery name is well known in the south-west of Western Australia where the family has farmed for three generations.

The winery was started by brothers Murray and Iain Montgomery - both have always had a passion for good wine, which led them with their wives to develop the Kalgan property and the rammed-earth cellar door facility. 

In a new chapter, new owners Phil and Michelle have big plans for Montgomerys! They are in the process of redeveloping the cellar door to be a tavern - which will have one of the best outlooks in the Great Southern! Along with food sourced locally it will also feature local wines and beers and offer something for every palate. 


Ray commenced his career at Goundreys in Mount Barker where he became responsible for the entire estate vineyards. Subsequently, with significant knowledge of the climate and soils of the Great Southern, he established his own viticultural consultancy and now manages a number of independent vineyards including Montgomery’s Hill which he helped plan and establish.


Ray Williams runs a very strict operation as far as the total wellbeing of the vineyard is concerned. The Cellar door and storage area was built away from the vineyard on Ray Williams’ advice to keep the public away from the vines for prevention of disease reasons. Montgomery’s Hill vineyard is quite idyllically situated with the closest vineyard being 10km from it. Consultants are employed during the winemaking process to ensure a quality product is produced from the excellent fruit grown at Montgomery’s Hill.


Early explorer, T.B Wilson MD Surgeon RN came up the Kalgan River in a longboat during an 1834-35 expedition exploring the hinterland around the settlement of Albany . He wrote in his journal about the area which now comprises Montgomery’s Hill vineyard “this would be the place to grow the vine”.

The vines were planted in 1996 and have produced some excellent wines that have won numerous medals, including the 2007 Wine Wise Chardonnay trophy for the best wine under 300 tonne production in Australia.

The cellar sales outlet is open daily from 11am to 5pm (Winter months June to August 12noon to 4pm). Cheese platters are available and can be enjoyed with a glass whilst sitting on the verandah enjoying the view.

Some Vital Statistics

The property is set on approximately 22.7 ha and the vineyard takes up 10 ha. In an average year we would produce 70-80 tonne of grapes. At roughly 850 bottles per tonne we get about 66,000 bottles or 5500 cases of wine. Vintage (picking) normally happens between March and April.